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When migrating from WordPress to Webflow, imported CMS content field does not include paragraph breaks

My CSV wordpress export (using WP ALL Export plugin) has no p or br tags separating paragraphs in the content field. And it appears that the Webflow CSV import does not support white space as breaks/paragraphs. The body content comes in as one big paragraph.

Can anyone give me an idea on how I can either add the missing p and br tags into the wordpress export or modify the csv file?

When googling around I found this link:

But I could not figure out how to implement with my limited wordpress/php knowledge.


I figured it out. WP All Export wordpress plugin allows you to add in the “wpautop” function on the fields I needed it to.


Hi jkent,

Where did you add wpautop? I’m having the same problem with line breaks.


Hi jkent or anyone else, can you please provide more details on how to add in the “wpautop” function on WP All Export plugin?

Here’s how you add Ps using this specific plugin (according to this stackoverflow)

  1. Start a new export or Open an old one
  2. Click “Content” to edit specific settings for The Content
  3. Add <?php echo wpautop( $value ); ?> in the php function box (see image)

You need to pay $99 to use this today though. So it’s a bit of a bummer that webflow doesn’t support WP imports out of the box.