Google site verification with an existing site you just built in webflow

Google site verification when you already have an existing website that had previously been verified…

I found these instructions…

However, when you get to Google Search Console, this is what i found…

no code to copy.

Any idea of what’s next?
Thanks so much for your help - Steve :slight_smile:

Is this something that doesn’t have to be done?

Hey Sorry Rick. Way over my head. I’m just trying to check to see if Google has changed the verification method. Seems they have and webflow is just slow to update the how-to information.
Thanks for the input though. :slight_smile:

@Team_Settle If you verified your site ownership with another method then nothing else is needed and that part of project settings can be ignored.

Hey Jeff. Thank you for the update. Really appreciate the help from everyone.

UPDATE: I found it! If you need to get your Google Verification Code. You can go to Google Webmaster Central and get the code. Just log in to the Gmail account that holds the records and you can click on the link for the domain and then click on details.