Google Verification Code Shows Up Above Header


I’m totally new to Webflow and getting the whole Google verification, indexing, etc going. After fumbling around and reviewing forums, I think I got it. But, now that my site is indexed and published, the Google verification code shows up above my header. See here:

My domain is through Google Domains and Webflow is my host. I have no HTML tech guru experience, so I am stuck. Could someone please walk me through – with specifics for a novice – how to remove this? I’m so close to done!

Thank you so much!

Hey Eleanor! Welcome to the forum

Make sure to get the correct link tag from Google, currently you just have text that does not mean anything.

The correct syntax should be:

<meta name="google-site-verification" content="your verification string">

Hi and thank you!

So I should post this in Webflow instead?

or just this part


IF this


is your verification string, you need to put it inside the meta tag:

<meta name="google-site-verification" content="3HkGQeoGYIJ5zfdwmQDo1-dl4W207Qn5Iwiez7qFNSE">

The meta tag needs to be put in the custom code section before the </head> ending bracket


Thank you so much. It worked! I feel so official!