SEO for pages without Titles (H1)

I’m trying to optimize a website for SEO, however, some pages don’t have a title, thus no H1. I was wondering If there’s a way around it? Would SEO be affected in a negative way if I would create H1 and would Z-index it to the back (wouldn’t be visible)? Maybe there’s a more simple approach?


The HTML <title> element is not the same as a <h1> tag though often people use the same content, and that is a good thing for SEO.

The H1 tag should be used to describe the overall purpose of the content concisely. Since the H1 element can be styled as you wish with CSS, there is no reason not to use one.

The structure of the document is what infers meaning to bots, not the design of it.

SEO guidelines are best left to long-form content on the Web. Google provides best practices for web developers that you can consult online. Remember that on-page SEO represents just a chunk of the factors that influence page ranking. Good luck with your project.

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Thank you for the answer, Jeff!
I understand the difference between the title and headings. I think I wasn’t clear that the page design I’m working on only includes videos or pictures, additional headings don’t look good. I was wondering if there’s a way to include headings (H1) but make them invisible.
Thank you