Billing clients for hosting

If we decide to use the white labeling and bill clients for hosting, if our clients come across issues with their hosting, does that mean we (designers) have to provide support for those issues? Or does Webflow still provide support to clients that pay us for hosting, since it is still Webflow hosting (& it’s just being white-labeled)?

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As I see it (not staff!) it’s the same hosting product, so Webflow will provide the same hosting support whether a client pays them directly, or pays through your white labelling/client billing approach.

The difference would be that the client comes to you with any issues, and you in turn would contact Webflow to resolve them behind the scenes.

That’s my take - anything further to add @PixelGeek @Waldo ?

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There will always be hosting and platform related issues the designer will be the point of contact for.

I guess we need to ensure some admin margin is included in our plans (webflow hosting + value add ). This needs to be limited in hours per month and obviously our contracts need to state that we work with technology and will not be liable for breakage and downtime etc etc.

I am no expert but have been working through this a bit in the last 6 months.

However, Webflow does not even seem to have hosting terms ??? Which is odd.

Great question @Londya_England, in those instances typically you would remain as the point of contact for your client to retain white labeling. And then you can reach out to us for more details.

We do have a track record of 99.99% uptime for Webflow hosted sites, you can subscribe for updates here as well where we proactively communicate any issues as needed:

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