What just happened to default button states

Did webflow just make major changes to the default states of certain elements?

All of my button elements have a weird underline. I’m getting other issues with other elements too, but the only things listed in the changelog are UI for the webflow editor. What did webflow just do??

funny how you are getting strange results also…

about the same time as I am

Odd timing as a patch release was just announced…

Digging deeper, here is what I found:

Buttons were changed to have a default underline. (Looks terrible btw and implies an interaction that doesn’t exist.)

Some of the button elements had their display setting changed from auto or inline block to inline. Appears to be an issue for other elements as well.

More issues:

  • I have columns that aren’t acting like columns, vertically stacking. This one is weird.

  • Flexbox horizontal centering just isnt working. The elements are all over.

What is happening??!

I’ll keep digging, but man o man am I really concerned about hosting with webflow now if they change stuff like this in the background!!

Hi @dforeman @Revolution and @PasolInteractive

We are looking into this now to see if it was caused by the recent patch deploy.

Can you please provide Read-Only links to the sites you are seeing this issue in?

​Thanks in advance, for your patience with this!

Thank you Brando.

I’ll hold off on making any changes for now since everything was fine before. Dont want to hack fixes that will cause problems if there is a reversion. Please keep me updated and LMK if u need a share link Dm.

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@dforeman Can you please post screenshots of what you’re seeing? We haven’t made any changes to Button styling in years, so something odd could be going on…

@Revolution and @dforeman can you try to hard-refresh your browser? CMD+SHIFT+R (or CTRL+SHIFT+R). It might be a caching issue since we aren’t able to reproduce the buggy behavior.

Sure, here are some error screenshots:

These are some button elements that had white text that got changed. I just manually removed the underline styling for all buttons on the page.

Some more error/changes:

You can see here the element “calendar row” is a flexbox with centered vertical alignment. Yesterday that applied to the divs inside, today it does not. To fix it i went inside the child divs and changed their setting to horizontal alignment:

Now I think the parent div ‘calendar row’ should populate its setting to the divs inside, but I’m not experienced enough of a dev to be sure. Thats why I use webflow :slight_smile:

Worked yesterday though.

Can you PM me a read-only link so I can investigate further? We didn’t change any base styles for links so perhaps there’s an accidental change to those styles in the site.

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