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Is Webflow super bugged right now?

My style changes aren’t saving. I cant even change the display type of a basic div.

Oddly, some of the parameters (like height & width) affect the element in the designer, though I cant see or change the settings.

Is Webflow down right now for maintenance? Here is a video:

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I was having a lot of weird behavior this morning with the flex settings and made a post about it. I haven’t used it at all since then though. Was hoping whatever is going on would be resolved by the time I start my work day tomorrow :confused:

Hey @dforeman,

Dustan here, an engineer at Webflow. When watching your video I can’t tell what element is selected. That is usually indicative of being in what we call a “hanging ephemeral state”. The workaround for the moment should be to just drag up on the margin control which should force the current style changeset to commit.

I’m trying to reproduce this locally right now, though if you could provide a read-only link to your site and what styles you were editing just before that video that would be very helpful.

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Its working as intended now. I had issues with font style changes not saving yesterday as well. Also working.

Thx webflow staff for following up.


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