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Has there been a REALLY buggy update?

Whats gone wrong with Webflow over the past few hours?

I’ve been firefighting a project for hours and its just getting worse and worse. So many issues, not sure where to begin???

  • Divs appearing inside different divs in other breakpoints.
  • Having to wrap all content inside 100% wide divs to try keep content consistent across breakpoints.
  • Content mysteriously missing in certain breakpoints.
  • Content not adhering to hierarchy rules.
  • Padding working on some breakpoints and not others.
  • Whilst editing content and as soon as finished editing the div and all content disappears.
  • Content vanished, find it in navigator and then it vanished again.

I’ve been using Webflow daily for a year now, and built 60+ projects, but never had a day like today!!!

I’m beginning to think I have to rebuild from scratch. Anyone else having issues too?

I’m not gonna post a share link as the project is just a disaster now. But keen to hear if its just me?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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I sure hope it’s just you to be honest. Your post made me frantically check all the pages on the project I am working on! Looks ok and I haven’t experienced the issues you describe today. Well, aside from minor issue with flex class parameters not updating when switching breakpoints - can’t remember if it was there always.

I’m happy to help. Do you have time to get on a screenshare call?

Also, can you please try the following:
(1) Try to reproduce the error while being logged into Webflow using Incognito mode with browser extensions turned off:

(2) If the problem persists, please take a screenshot of your Console and send it to me:
Thanks in advance and I’ll be standing by for your response!

Kind regards,

Hi Nelson - Hope I have caught you, 7am UK time.

Here is an example of my issues:
Padding set between edge of DIV and Grid element. Its working in desktop but not in mobile.

Upon closer inspection, the parent DIV is jumping up into the hero section above. Same on another page.

Another issue is my black page footer which keeps appearing / disappearing.

Here is my share link

Hey @RugbyWebDesign,

I think it’s a bit late in the US now!


It seems you have applied flow:left to the hero element on tablet. This seems to be causing that issue you screenshot between the two view ports. In this case you don’t need to use float as it’s already display:block and covering the viewport as you defined.

Float is also cause that issue with your footer.

Hope that helps mate!


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Hey @Thomas_92 thomas you’re a star!
Thanks for taking the time to demonstrate this too - Cheers!
Seems’s this was cascading up through the various page section DIVS, as soon as I undid the float left, the section above displayed incorrectly!
I have now fixed - many thanks again!

No probs mate!

Glad I could help :blush:

So are you saying that ALL issues form that initial list of yours were caused by float setting on one element on one breakpoint?

Hi @dram I got in such a mess. :rofl:

Initially I had issues with GRID going off the page on mobile. By setting an align left on the GRID it came back onto the page body. But then I noticed issues with padding on different breakpoints with the GRID’s parent DIV.

To combat this, setting further align lefts to parent divs seem to cure the padding problems, but then it would cause alignment issues with the next element in the navigation structure.

I continued to try and correct this not realising I was just making things worse!!!

Once I took @Thomas_92 advice the problems went away. I have read my initial post and can confirm all my issues went away after this.

Still baffled why I now no longer need to have align left on the GRID - when it ‘had’ been appearing off the page area.

I see. That must’ve been fun. In cases like this I usually just delete all my messed up classes and start over.

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