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What is the search feature on Webflow University

What is the search feature on Webflow University?

Based on the id name (st-search-input) , it looks like it might be a smart table with angularJS ( … Or maybe a preview of webflow’s upcoming site search feature? :grin:

Hey Community,

After reading over a few posts from 2015/16 regarding search functionality, I noticed on the new (which is great by the way) that it’s obviously built with Webflow. I also noticed that their is a search functionality to browse the courses and topics… yet this feature is on the wishlist? Is there a new update i’m unaware of? Here’s a screenshot of the inspector:

I’d really like to add this to a CMS Collection or as a standalone feature as well :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

I’m quite sure it’s this:

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Seems like Webflow is using the “Basic” plan, as there is no typo correction.

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