How to do live search (auto-suggest) in Webflow

Hi, wondering how can I achieve live search autosuggestions like on



Curious myself… any answers?

You could purchase a subscription to

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Much cheaper solution would be Algolia

@philipboomy - I agree. I prefer to use Algolia most of the time. Swiftype is what is powering the university site last I checked. Since Swiftype is an Elasticsearch product, and the webflow search is powered by Elasticsearch, that would make sense for wf.

It would be nice to have a premium (paid for) option to wf site search.


This gets pretty close:


I’ve just written up a tutorial on how to do live search/autocomplete inside Webflow. Here’s what the end result looks like:


The way it works is similar to Webflow except in this tutorial we use Jetboost (a more affordable paid solution compared with Swiftype). When a user types something into the search, it will check against a collection list (or multiple lists) and return a filtered list of CMS results.

Hope that helps!

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