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Does anyone know when we can add search to our Webflow sites?

Hi, guys. I’m starting a new project and I would really love to use Webflow to build it with, but the search function is a must have, unfortunately. Does anyone know when it’s coming? :smile:

… Or if there is some sort of “work around” :wink:

This should help :slight_smile:

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Please search the wishlist for upcoming features, and if there isn’t one for your requested feature yet, you can create a wishlist request.

You can also subscribe to wishlist items to stay updated to announcements regarding the wishlist item.

Wishlist suggestions and discussions are off-topic for this forum, as we have a dedicated site for that.

If you do not like this policy, feel free to bring it up on Meta.

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Site search has now launched: check out the feature page to learn more.