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How many pages can I have per project with the personal plan?

I noticed the 1 project on the Starter plan is limited to 2 pages.
What about the Personal plan? How many pages can I have per project there?

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thank you.

and what i don’t understand: if i purchase the personal plan for 16$, are the basic and css hosting included, or do they add up on top?

And by the way: What is the paid hosting, and what is the paid account?


I’ve suggested elsewhere in the Webflow community that they need to be a lot more transparent about their pricing. Not only are there undocumented limits, but they don’t really offer support – unless it’s a bug, you have to use the forum, and support people are not allowed to help with the forum during work hours.

All of this is acceptable (if not ideal), but it should be made clear when you sign up.

Hi tkister. Thanks for the info.

Anyone else with an answer ?

Paid account - Personal, Pro, Team

Paid hosting (per project) - Normal, CMS

Both are charged separately.

ok, so if I want to have more pages than 2, I need to get at least a Personal plan for 16$ a month, right?
If I also want to host it on a webflow server with a custom domain, I pay an additional 5$, and if I also want CMS functionality, I pay an additional 10$ (while it’s either basic hosting 5$, or CMS hosting 10$, right?)

Option 1: Basic Website

a. $16 (personal) + $5 (basic website) = $21
b. Free plan + $15 (basic website) = $15

Option 2: CMS Website

a. $16 (personal) + $10 (CMS) = $26
b. Free plan + $20 (CMS) = $20

Go with (a) [100 pages], if you are a freelancer and will be taking on more jobs in the future.
Go with (b) [80 pages], if you only want to create one website for the rest of your life.

Ok, explained that way it’s easy to understand.
Too bad, that I have to ask here to clearly that.

Thanks a lot.

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I have a site that has about 125 pages and posts. It is built in wordpress. If I wanted to build that same site in webflow could I? here is the url of the site in reference;

Yes, if you use the CMS, you can have unlimited collection items in a collection (posts in post collection).

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