Preview is different from designing display

Hi I’m new to webflow and noticed that my preview display isn’t the same as the display when I’m designing. It seemed to be working fine until I added a div block line to it.

(Picture of design display)

(Picture of preview display)

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Adeoye's Portfolio

Hi @ade0615

It looks like you added a Section to your project without putting anything in it. By default, Webflow will show you a Section on the canvas with a little bit of space. This is only to show the Section better while designing. When you actually publish or preview there will be no space there.

So you’re seeing extra space on the Canvas because of the Section. If you remove the Section you’ll notice it will look the same on both the Canvas and preview mode.

Hope that helps.

Hello, I put my line div block inside a section and my images in another section and it still doesn’t match up.