What is the best way to be able to use Webflow when you need to connect a backend to the website?

Hi Webflow & Webflow community.

I have recently been developing more interactive websites that send/pull data from a database. Webflow, imo, is the best front end tool so I always want to build my designs here first. My only issue is: When I import code after making even the simplest of design changes, I have to change MANY lines of code each time and figure out where changes occurred and also readjust the scripting languages into the final code.

What is my best solution?? I would ideally like to make all front end/backend changes on webflow but Webflow doesn’t offer anything like phpmyadmin/mysql which I REALLY wish they did, I have to resort to the cumbersome process outlined above.

Really looking for a solution here!! Super appreciate it!!

If you want to compare changes in files, I’m using Beyond Compare for Windows.

Thanks for that suggestion. Are you also in that position where you import code and retrofit your scripting to the code?

No, I make sure the entire site is done up properly before exporting before converting to a Wordpress theme.

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