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Workflow when developing a large, dynamic webflow site with a programmer?

Hey all!

I’m currently quoting a project that will involve custom coding that will need to be injected into the webflow website I’ll be creating. It’ll involve creating a system where users will be able to log into their account, annotate uploaded photos, etc.

My question: Is it possible to keep this project in the webflow environment and have the programmer hook his code into the designer or is it best to finalize the design, then export it for the programmer to hook it up to a database and make it work?

I know there will be edits after such an export, so in that kind of scenario, it complicates things to then have to make edits directly to the source code instead of being able to go back into webflow for such edits and design updates. What’s the best way to go about this kind of team workflow?

And if keeping it in the webflow environment is possible, then would the editor work in the same way as far as my clients being able to edit copy on the website even if it’s behind a login?

Just trying to wrap my head around this at this point. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for helping clarify this for me!

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What you are describing is a web app. At this time you cannot create a fully functioning web app within Webflow. However, you still can design/build the front-end of your web app within Webflow.

After you have done that, export your HTML,CSS, JS and images and then work with your dev to make it become a real web-app that is hosted elsewhere.

Hi @adiggy,

It is possible to keep the project in the Webflow environment, though it is really not something I would recommend…
The reason is that you will need a server + backend to handle the login and uploading etc anyway, so it will be much easier exporting your designs not having to deal with cross origin and other security issues.

Now if you are worried about scaling or iterating on designs in the feature, one way you could go about that is:

  1. Design the app and all it’s states as a whole in Webflow
  2. Extract everything into it’s own components

Everytime you need to update something you just update the single component and re export it.

Hope this helps!


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