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How to populate Webflow via SQL or CSV file

I realize this may involved some coding, I’m just looking for an example to get started.

I am creating a site of training classes and schedule. This information changes fairly frequently - so I’d like to be able to manage it via CSV or SQL file rather than having to update the actual website.

I’m thinking this should be possible - but I don’t know where to get started. Any advice / sample code?


You do know the export has to be exported first ?

And… you have to host the website on your own server ?

That could be fine. My main reason for hosting on Webflow is because I’m making so many changes and it’s easy to push the changes, rather than exporting and FTPing to another site. (I currently do that with another site I developed on Webflow). I guess I was hoping there would be a way to do it via the code options in Webflow. But once my main structure in the site is done- the regular changes would be the classes and schedules - so if I can more easily manage that via a SQL or CSV database- I can do that.

Can you give me some pointers on where to get started with that? I guess I can also check my hosting company - as if it has to happen on the exported code - then it’s independent of Webflow. Again - I thought there might be a way to add that code via some Webflow option - so looking for confirmation about that.

Are you a developer or a designer.

If you are a developer… all you really need to understand how the structure of the site works.

From there… you can easily integrate any scripting language into it.

You cannot do this with Webflow’s hosting service.

I wouldn’t do the csv import route. If you’re planning on building out your system… you will need the scripting.

Once you start using a scripting… why stop at an import process. Just build the system out a little further and remove Excel or whatever data maintenance process you are using.

The more tools involved… the more complex most processes become.

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