What hosting plan to choose

I look at the CMS plan, and it says: 3 content editors.
What does it really mean? What if I have 40 webpages, and all the customers of those webpages should be able to edit the pages themselves? Do i have to pay extra?

And is CMS a good enough plan when making a lot of webpages? For a business plan of 36, it's completely out of the question when you already pay 35 a month for webflow.

And if I want to use my own hosting provider, i can`t export blog post? I tend to think that webflow is far too expensive and totally hopeless.

I have many customers who want to use their own hosting provider, but they cant use they`r own i webflow because i cant export CMS ect???


Hi @cathrine82!

  • Regards to content editors (3) for CMS plan means - on that project you can add up to 3 Editors per project.
  • Choosing plan depends on many things, what kind of sites are you gonna make? 5 Paged, CMS Dynamic pages, Blogs, etc. And then it would be up to you to decide, after all it’s business. We use CMS plan and it works well for our needs so far.
  • I believe every WYSIWYG Designer platform will not offer Blog / Dynamic Content Export. ( Requires database, and every platform has their own structure )
  • If your customers really need their own hosted CMS / BLOG / WEBpage/ database - Opensource CMS like Worpress, Drupal, Joomla etc would be your best bet.

Webflow has client billing option that could potentially reduce your costs