What going on with this code

Using validator.w3.org on an exported site…

I get this error:

No p element in scope but a p end tag seen.
From line 28, column 1; to line 28, column 4

Here’s the actual code:

<div data-new-link="true"><strong>bold text</strong>... paragraph text</div>

Webflow insert this into the code… not sure why:

<div data-new-link="true">

inside the paragraph tags

Can I get a link to the site or page in question?

not sure what I happened.

I ended up added in new paragraph tag
and copied the raw content into each new paragraph.

the issue went away.

I’m guessing… I had created some kind of markup in webflow…
then removed it - and webflow didn’t remove all the resident markup code.

However… based on the code… it looks like I created a link in the paragraph…
which I didn’t. So again - I’m not really sure what happened.

I did add bold / strong text. But that was it.

This however brings the other w3 validator issues.

It seems… unused elements - elements that don’t use in your project still in the css and files.

This creates a bloat issue. Even after compressing the css file.

and validator complains about the of the elements… that I’m not even using.

1 .w-checkbox-input, .w-radio-input Value Error : margin-top Too many values or values are not recognized : 1px \000009
1 .w-widget-twitter-count-shim * Property pointer-events doesn’t exist : none

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