.p class conflict with <p>


I would like to report a bug.
I created a class and named it p (I will spare you the details of the why).
This seemed to have caused a conflict with

. Now all paragraphs automatically get the p class attached to it, even though it does not show up in the style panel.


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forgot the use the code tag

This seemed to have caused a conflict with <p>.

Hi, @Marcel_Deelen!!

Thanks so much for reporting this. This happens by design! When you style all paragraphs in the Designer, we will use .p to style that in the CSS.

Even though this is expected behavior, we should probably prevent you from creating a class that conflicts with that. I’ll let the team know. Thanks for bringing this to our attention! :webflow_heart:


It totally messes up everything now :slight_smile: even animations see the <p> as .p eventhough it already got a different class attached to it, it remains to see it as .p.

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