Strange markup in exported code


I exported my site using the CTRL+O option to minify.

That’s because there are layout issues if I use the unminified exported files.

Looking at the code, there are quite a few places where the <strong> tag is written like this:

<strong xmlns="">

Not all, but quite a lot. And there are also many <br> tags written like this:

<br xmlns="">

What’s going on? Is this a bug? Can I clean up the code manually?

Did you happen to copy and paste text from an external source (i.e. Microsoft Word)?

It is safe to remove the xmlns attributes.

I don’t believe I did copy text from a Word file when writing the copy for the site, but it was a long time ago, so I can’t be sure.

Is there any way I can stop Webflow from exporting this ‘junk’ code every time I export? Because otherwise I’ll have to clean it up every time.

Not just MS Word, but any application or online source, including emails. Some of them use these xmlns attributes for compatibility purposes.

The only way might be to copy and paste content into a plaintext editor with does not support text formatting (like Notepad), then copying from there and pasting into Webflow.

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