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What the......? Display anomaly

Can anyone tell me why when I have exported my code to a text editor, the display of ONE! element looks different to my published site through Webflow?

Pulling hair out!

Could we have the Troubleshooting Link and your subdomain?

(See below to get your Troubleshooting Link)

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Edit: Actually what is weirder, is that when I am in the text editor, I can view the project in split mode so the code is in the top section and the web browser preview is in the bottom section. The browser preview is perfect there but once I copy the link into a second browser which I have open the anomaly occurs.

Where are you seeing this? I looked at your exported code and your published site and everything looks the same. I don’t see that.

But try to make your Text Link class be Inline-block. Right now they are default “inline” elements which don’t behave like a normal block element (so margin and padding may not behave like you’d expect) so it might help to change it to inline-block.

I made those changes and the display didn’t change. I went back to it a couple of hours later and it was fixed. Go figure.

Thanks for your help.