I just was in my Stylemanager, and saw that it says "Clean up (377)

I just was in my Stylemanager, and saw that it says "Clean up (377). Could any body here help me? I don’t know what I shall do with this? And if I clean it, - if it affect other things on the website??

Hi there, @neanea6060, that is used and to let you know that you have 377 unused class names. You can clean them/remove them from your site but clicking on the ‘Clean Up’ and it will remove the unused class names. Helps with diagnosing issues and what.

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would that say, nothing happen with my site if I clean up?
So I can clean it?

Nothing is going to happen to your site. All it does is remove unused Class names.

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Fantastic! Thanks a lot Brandon :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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But Brandon!
Why this warning:

  • does I have to delete them? I thought I should “clean” them? that is not the same to clean and delete? or?

@neanea6060, it is the same to delete them/clean them. You are removing the unused class names from your site. You will always get a message to confirm that you want to perform that type of action.

Hope this helps a bit more.

Just caveat; sometimes you might have styles that are not currently assigned to an element, but you might use them in the future. If they are not assigned they are “unused”. As a result I always recommend keeping styles bound to elements on a style guide page. That way you won’t accidentally delete them.

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