How can I view the style properties for unused classes?

Any tips on viewing the properties for all created classes without having to search through the CSS code?

I realize I could just cycle through them in the Style panel, but this feels really clunky. I bet this topic has come up, but I couldn’t find a thread on it.

It’d be great if the Style Manager panel simply allowed you to view a CSS-like summary of each class.

Well, just adding an empty div and assigning it an unused class should work, shouldn’t it?

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Yes! That’s what I was saying about cycling through them in the Style panel, but I still feel like there should be cleaner way of checking styles from a glance.

What you mention is how I’ve been doing it, but I’d hope that they’re working on making this a smoother experience.

In what scenarios do you happen to need that? I’ve never come to this problem, maybe I am not using that many styles…

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