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What does "Auto" exactly do when it comes to style width & length?

hey there,

  • please note that Im an html/css/ newbie and my designskills are moderate and Im teaching that stuff all myself atm… so Im not looking into the code so far -

so what does “Auto” exactly do when it comes to style width & length ?
which settings are done default if I leave the settings on AUTO ?

just asking, because right now my knowledge is at basics if it comes to style proper sizes the right way (advance %, VH,VW etc use). so Im quite happy that AUTO does its good work, but I would rather
try to set my own settings getting the same result (when it comes to responsive etc…)

EDIT: I think I have to specify a bit more: so auto takes the size of the content thats inside, tahts clear, but when it comes to responsive, is it acting like % , or like VH/VW ?

thx for help !

Hi @rico

Have a look at the tutorials here: if you haven’t already…

In brief terms ‘auto’ will respond to the size of the elements inside it automatically. For more control when designing for different devices you might want to look at setting %s so for example a header image could be set at 80% width of whatever device it is viewed on.

You’ll find Webflow helps you understand html/css better - ah i’m dropping a div (html) now lets give that a background colour (css). Keep learning both html/css and Webflow together and you can’t go wrong.

Hope that helps


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