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Autosize from desktop to mobile

Is there a way to have a desktop design automatically resize for mobile without having to completely redesign my site?

If you design using units such as % vh vw, and flexbox, that’s pretty much what’s going to happen.

If you have been using fixed units like px, and liberally using position absolute, then unfortunately that’s not going to be responsive.

I guess I just don’t understand the software then. I’ll just design it on my own with code. This software is too confusing to use.

You’ll run into the same problems if you hand-code it the same way using fixed everything. The issue is not with Webflow.

Why not take some time to learn some responsive design basics instead?

I’m sure that it might be easy to understand if you’ve worked with the software or part of the design group for the software. I’m not doing everything as “fixed”.

Give me some links


First result will give you this

The software is only a UI to HTML and CSS, it’s not going to be easier if you hand code.

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