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Manually adding auto size property


I keep seeing solutions where you need to set height to auto to get a div to expand to fit it’s children. eg a slider Slider within a Div

Can someone explain why the default webflow auto does … not much and under what circumstances?


Auto is a real value for the height CSS property. It helps for wrapping, as you said.

But when Webflow shows “Auto” as a grayed out option, the value isn’t atctually declared in the CSS code. Not on the selector, nor inherited.

I’d say Webflow grayed out options are in effect most of the time because most of the time browsers consider them as defaults for elements. But it’s not always the case. So sometimes to make things work you have to declare it for real, wether it’s an Auto or “0” or a color…

Why would this be @vincent @brando ?

Why not ‘-‘ or blank instead of ‘0’ or ‘auto’. It’s confusing…


Not having a strong css background, my first reaction is oh auto doesn’t work on this item because of some other setting. I guess I was hoping for a limited set of circumstances to be on the look out for where manual input is required. I will have to build them up myself. Thanks @vincent

Great question @TomLamers. I’ve forwarded this question to the rest of the team and will provide more details as soon as I can. :bowing_man: