What do you do to help your client post their Collection with small thumbnails photos and other photos inside the Collection page (looking for image editing software clients can use)

Hi Webflowers!
I need to help my client post on her website by herself. And I’m looking for some online photo cropping tool. Because it is so, that when she want to post something new in her Collection, she must first have a thumbnail image, which must be approx. 400x267 pixels (may not load too much in pixels, as the site will not run so fast with bigger pixels). Then she must have a large image that can be from 1000 to 1500 pixels (of the same image she chose for thumbnail), which I have done so she can put there on that post. But there are some online free tools for this? Of course, I works with photoshop, but my client doesn’t. And she wants to put everything out on her website herself and all her Collections. I’ve tried some of these free tools: https://photo.wondershare.com/photo-editor/crop -images-online.html but it turns out, that if you have a square image of 1200x1200, for example, and want it cropped down to 400x267 pixels, then they cropping it very strange and the image looks terrible. So, what do I do, when I haven’t time to teach her GIMP, which is a free program … What do you do to help your client post their Collection with small thumbnails photos and other photos inside the Collection page?

Take a look at Cloudinary. You could have a transformation that runs automatically on upload. No limit on transformations. The free plan should be more than enough.

Thanks a lot!
Is a tutorials out there? I tried to crop a 1200x1200 to 400x267 px, - but It seems to be a little bit difficult to crop, - it don’t looks good?

Look at the transformation info under crop.


Lots of choices.

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Hi again!
Thanks a lot to sharing this Cloudinary.
But… I am so Sorry, but this program is impossible to find out? I’ve been trying to crop a picture that is 1636x1636 pixels which I want to be 400x267 px (the previwe image to a Collection). But this is so incredibly difficult to work with. I can’t ask my client to learn this, I can’t even figure it out myself - even though I’ve been watching a video tutoral. This is more difficult than learning Photoshop? Is there anything better than this for free on the internet?

Other suggestions? I know my client can’t find out of this Cloudinary :frowning:

I found this: https://pixlr.com/x/

  • this seems to work great!

doesn’t Canva have a crop option? That’s super user-friendly. It’s similar to pixlr

Don’t know canva? do you have a link?

@neanea6060 https://www.canva.com/, here’s even an article about cropping https://www.canva.com/features/crop-image/. Canva’s very commonly used in the blogging world

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Can you provide a link to your example source image. I would like to take a look to see what problems you were having.

This works fine for me https://pixlr.com/x/

Well GIMP is just fine for what it is a free photo editing program. It in no way compares to PS/CS. I have friends who use strictly P&S cameras, and that is as far as they will ever go, when they asked me how to adjust photos, I told them to use GIMP. but the user face takes a little getting used to, but some of the general advantages I would say are 1) it’s updated more often than PS. 2) Being open source, it’s very customizable, and there are always new user-developed plugins & tweaks & twerks being released. I’m very productive using the XP-Pen Star G640 pen tablet with GIMP . That includes Windows and Linux.