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Image optimisation for the cilent


When a client uploads images to a gallery on their site is it best practice to advise them to compress the images before uploading through their CMS? Do they need to use a site like or can they upload their original images?


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I think it is A good idea to compress the image before upload. In My experience clients sometimes come up with images size of tens MB. My recommendation to Our clients is to use this online service before uploading.

Thanks @shokoaviv

My client isn’t the most tech savvy individual so i was hoping for an easy alternative for them. They have found that when uploading images that were captured in mobile that the image rotates, i’ve found out in this thread that it’s a common issue. So my client needs to crop images before uploading. I’ve found a site that crops and compresses in bulk, which is pretty good.

I think i was hoping that there was a way to crop and compress with webflow