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CMS image scaling, cropping and ratio sizes

Is it also possible for my client to upload an image (in Editor/CMS), and for that image to be automatically scaled and cropped with a defined ratio by the CMS? i.e. in a certain area of the page layout all images should be 400px x 600px.

My clients don’t have access to Photoshop or the knowledge of how to scale, crop and size images, before uploading

I guess one of the solution for that would be to create div 400px x 600px, which drags the BG Image from the CMS Collection. You can set it to cover in order to fill the whole div and if the Image from the collection is bigger/different ratio it will be cropped.

You can also set the size of the Image on your site, but then it gets stretched to the certain size, so I guess the first option would be better.

Many thanks, that makes sense. Do you know if the client/user can change an existing image (within the Editor) without having to mess about with CMS Collections? And for the image to be the same size and ratio.