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My client wants to put everything on her new website herself

My client wants to put everything on her new website herself. But she has no idea about pixel and corp images, etc.
Like collection, - here she must have a picture of approx. 400x267 px for the page to load quickly: And then when you go in and read a post, I have done it so that there is a big picture first before the text of the post, and want this image to be about 1400 px in width
Can you tell me if she just uploads big pictures (approx. 1200px) where I want it to be 400x267 px in , and under the post she uploads images of 2000px - wouln’t it affect the website that it gets very slove and loads very very late? Thank you very much for the answering me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I would be very happy to get an answer.
Thanks a lot!

@neanea6060 unfortunately, that would slow the website down. Why not tell her; if she wants to do this herself, that’s fine but she needs to learn a few things (resizing images etc). It’s really, really not that hard, is it? If she’s unable, maybe editing a website through the editor would be too hard as well so what’s the point of doing it herself?

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