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What are your best practices for galleries in CMS

I’m interested in your thoughts about how to organise collections. In some ways I find I’m flying by the seat of my pants and having a better grasp of the CMS architecture would probably help me build more efficiently. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

For instance how would you organise a rental site that has 20 properties and a gallery for each with 15-20 images?

Do you create a collection for all images and reference the property, use a drop down option.

In webflow there are so many ways to work it. Obviously some will work better than others. @AlexN I guess this is your forte database construction and information architecture.

Would love to know everyone’s thoughts and practices on this.


i try to persuade clients to just use Facebook to store the photos. But when that doesn’t work, I use a script that @bart created for me.

I used it here:

downside is that the client has to upload the photos one by one into the CMS

Interesting never though of facebook for that. So then do you just have a link to a facebook gallery or pull images from there? The webflow Cms works with the lighbox workarounds. I’ve been using the html embed workaround. It works well. I’m more interested in how to organise the CMS so clients can work it easily to update things themselves. I guess as you get into larger projects the organization of the cms for efficiency becomes pretty paramount.

this is the structure I’m using for an actor site so they can add images to their galleries through cms

I’m just wondering if there is a better way to organise it. Because eventually there is a limit to how many items can be in a single collection. Plus navigating through that many would be a pain.

would you then create collection propertywhatever-images for each one and then reference it to the actual property listing collection

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