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CMS Collections: Organization of Images and Galleries

Hi everyone,

I am currently trying to a site that hosts a high volume of climate change related images (number of images in the thousands) from multiple photographers - our goal is create a gallery of images that can be used by small local agencies/NGOs for improved environmental reporting (with the ability to sort through the images by photographer, date, location, theme, copyright etc. easily). I was hoping for some advice regarding the best way to manage the back-end Collection Lists/Pages as well as suggestions on how to best organize the gallery for users (e.g. news agencies looking for images and other viewers).

Question on CMS Collections: I’ve been playing around with Webflow, and the CMS Collections seems to be a great way to organize information. However, I can’t seem to create an image gallery where the images are drawn from multiple collections/multiple photos inside of a single collection. I know that Nested Collections are not yet available, but given that we are trying to create an image library for a high volume of images, I have experimented with:

a) Inputting all images as individual items under the collection of “Photos” so that they may be displayed all at once in a single gallery.

b) Inputing all images as individual items AND multi-referencing these images in other Collections (e.g. Photographers or Photo Stories). However, the images and its text info do not seem to function when referenced.

c) Inputting the images as separate collections (e.g. by Photographer or Photo Story) - however, the multiple image field does not allow for accompanying information such as captions, copyright/license, linked source etc - which becomes a problem when trying to create Collection Pages that display the grouped images together with the relevant information (e.g. see Gallery Version 3).

If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know! I have been coming across many roadblocks in this project, and I am growing concerned about whether our goal is feasible.

Many thanks,
Katherine Cheng

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