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Options for custom coding CMS galleries

Hi, I’m interested in learning more about the potential for using custom code or HTML embeds for galleries, and whether anyone has ideas about a solution for a specific client request.

The client is currently unconvinced about Webflow mainly because they have a large number of galleries needed for their site. They currently display them like this: - which isn’t ideal UX-wise imo, but it would be great to be able to categorically tell them I can build something the same or similar.

Does anyone have any good examples of implementing something like this using the CMS, with which each project could have a non-specific number of images uploaded to it and be displayed this way?

I found a few old topics but the examples were 404’d. Possibly @sabanna is a good authority on the subject?


Hi @joshuafry

I’m currently developing a site with image galleries that has the same structure. I was in the middle of it when IX2 came out and decided to go back and rebuild some stuff with the new interactions. Unfortunately I don’t have a demo ready just yet and it can take a few days to have something working for this specifically.

IMHO I would go with custom code because I think you have more control over the elements and I haven’t found any embed galleries that fit my requirements for this idea although there are tons.

One that I was looking into was maybe that can help you.

If you want to share some of your discoveries it would be great for the community.

Thanks aaron. Unfortunately I don’t have time to explore it myself before this contract gets won or lost and I think it could put them off unless I can give specific examples of something appropriate having been achieved with the CMS. I believe I could build something that will work well for them but as I’m snowed under with other stuff I’m not sure I can prove it right now as will take a few days as you say! Either way I intend to experiment with it in the future to better understand what is possible here and will be sure to post anything that comes off well.