Best options for creating CMS collections?

I’m attempting to create a list of sorts for my project. It will require user to select an option from a drop down list. Then opening up to a gallery of images for each of these assets. i.e.


Is it better to have each of these as a separate collection or under one collection labeled assets for the usability of CMS lists and pages? Hopefully that makes some sense. Here is an image of the kind of list that would be selected from.

Here is my public share link: [LINK](Webflow - Rocky Mountain - Final)
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That’s actually a big question, as it depends a lot on how you want your navigation to work, what content you have available, and how much work you want to do.

However, if this is a property site of some sort, and you’re trying to expose the features of each property, you’d probably do best with 3 collections;

  • Properties
  • Assets
  • Styles

Then, Properties would have multi-references to Assets and to Styles.

Properties would contain your primary data, # bedrooms, price, address, photos, etc.
Assets and Styles are supporting collections, but they’d have details on e.g. a description for “Timber frame”, and maybe an icon or thumbnail for presentation.

Chances are, you’d want people to be able to view the “Dovetail Sliding” or “Entry Gates” pages, and to see a list of all available properties with those specific features. But, obviously that’s more content creation and page creation.