What are the options for integrating Webflow with hubspot?

Hi guys,

We want to have a form automatically upload data to our hubspot.

I see that automatic integration option is greyed our for us in workspaces :frowning: seems like it isn’t a feature on anything less than enterprise, and if enterprise costs $100+, it’s basically like we are only paying for this feature alone :frowning:

What are our other options?

  1. Using hubspot form itself embedded somewhere on our site ( doesnt look nice and embed slows down the website :frowning: )
  2. Zapier ( I guess hubspot tracking pixel in this case wouldn’t transfer any data to hubspot itself? )
  3. Comes back to Webflow marketing integrations. Am I correct that its only available for enterprise? How much would it cost anyone has an idea? (support is very slow to answer :smiley: ). Also, am I correct to assume that ifd we use marketing automation integration and native webflow forms, our hubspot tracking pixel will pass all the other relevant data (like first page visit, country, city, etc. to hubspot?

I have exactly same problem. Have you found the solution?

We had to stay with Embedded Hubspot form, not ideal. :frowning:

@TomasK - you can use the hubspot forms API: