How to transfer data from a form to a hubstop using zapier

I have several forms whose data I need to send to the hubstop. But each form has its own unique name that needs to be transferred. I do this through automation in Zapier, but my budget does not allow me to buy a subscription to Zapier. And I have 8 forms, and each form needs to have a unique naming of each form sent to the hubspot.

I had an idea to add a field so that the user doesn’t see it, but to give this field a name and pass it to the hubspot. I just can’t figure out if it’s realistic or not.

Is there any way to solve this nuance or is it impossible?

Right, with Zapier you need a paid account to use their “paths” feature which allows you to easily do this.

I’d drop Zapier and go with a free Make (Integromat) account. It’s much more powerful and the free tier will meet most needs. If not, the paid tier starts at a cheap $9/mo.

It is nice to recommend a cheaper platform @ChrisDrit but this is not what @Vlad_Usenko asks for. If you can it will be helpful besides the pricing of the platform account also add some examples how to in the form of links to articles, examples or videos, or any other form that helps solve this request.