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Hubspot Integration

Hello Webflow Fam!

Is there anyone here who’s company is integrating with Hubspot? I’ve designed our Company website: and it’s almost ready for release. However we just recently integrated with Hubspot and they said that they’re going to help us launch the site with their tracking, blog features and SEO integration. Has anyone currently have their Webflow site integrated with Hubspot? and if so, how do you find it?

Thanks everyone!

Hi Joel! I see your website went live. Did you figure out how Hubspot works with a business site published on Webflow? We’re in the same situation right now. Hubspot suggested to move all the forms, blog posts and landing pages over to their hosting, which is just ridiculous. I figured that via Zapier, contacts coming from the forms can be saved in Hubspot. But what about dedicated landing pages?