Can you iFrame a HubSpot form into Webflow?

I’m a lone marketer at my company and brand new to Webflow. Love Webflow’s design capabilities for a non-designer, but I do need this business website to have lead gen forms, preferably HubSpot forms. I see there’s a HubSpot/Webflow integration BUT you have to have HubSpot Enterprise Edition ($$) for that to work.

The question I can’t find an answer to: Can you iFrame HubSpot forms into Weblow?

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You may be in luck, Webflow just live-streamed a solution for getting form submissions into HubSpot using Logic with native forms:

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The short answer is yes.

But @mikeyevin’s suggestion is usually the better approach.


Several reasons, but here are a quick few…

Look & feel:

If you use native Webflow forms, you keep total control of the look & feel versus embedding the other platforms look & feel. Not only for the form itself, but the messaging the user receives after they submit that form and if they are redirected to another page or not.

Since this is Webflow, that’s a very compeling aspect.


If those embedded forms, through an iframe, require cookies to give you any extra functionality, in most cases it won’t work. Browsers look at that as a “third party cookie” and most block it by default (including: firefox, safari, and chrome in 2024).

Alternative Solution

What @mikeyevin suggested fixes all of that (and much more) - Submit native Webflow forms to a glue service like Make (Integromat), Zapier, or Webflow Logic.

Webflow Logic is a solid choice, but they are still in Beta and lack a lot of the flexibility Zapier or Make offer.

Checking out that posted Webflow Logic video is your best starting point, but if you need more than it currently offers, here’s a screencast walking through using Make (Integromat) instead:

It lacks the hubspot component, but just like Zapier, you simply drop in a Hubspot module and you’re good to go.

Hope that helps!