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What are the best practice for entering hours of operation in CMS

I’m looking for the best (and most efficient) way to enter hours of operation for a store location in the CMS. I could see perhaps doing it with option fields or individual text fields for each day of the week, but that would eat up nearly half of the 30 field limit. An example is attached. Some locations will have the same hours most days, but most locations will have different hours everyday. How are others achieving this? Any ideas are welcome.

Any ideas on this Webflow friends?

I think easiest solution is Just to have a Rich Text block for each location with their own hours.

A reasonable idea, but my contributors can’t manage styling content. It needs to be super simple. The CMS we’d be moving from provides a mechanism for selecting day of week, hours, minutes, AM/PM and Open/Closed from drop downs to construct an hours of operation table. Can’t see relying on contributors to build a table and fill it with content accurately and consistently.

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