Business's live open and close text by hour and day

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I am designing a site for a map of tourism that works with a lot of businesses, he had a request to have a text that shows about each business
open closed. I wanted to ask if anyone knows how to do it so that I can introduce it to all businesses (and in general how to do it and if it is possible).
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Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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You can build a very simple version of this using a simple text format block in the CMS that describes the weekday schedule, and then process it into JSON that you can query for your open/closed indicators.

That alone requires a moderate amount of custom coding.

However if you want to do it right, it’s a more complex problem than you think, because those businesses need access to update their hours, close for holidays, block out special events, etc.

If you need that level of support, I’d consider integrations with other systems your clients use like Google Business, and pull the hours from there. That would require a lot more infrastructure but give you much better data.

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Thank you very much :pray: , can you maybe help me in terms of the code I need to use, I found something but it seems there are only hour options not days options

Hi Achia,

Yes I can help if you need a developer- you can direct message me here if you’d like some assistance building this, and I’ll send you my rates. A few things I need to know;

  • I assume we’re talking about the simplest version here which is 100% internally managed. If the hours need to change, you or your client will need to do that in the CMS.
  • No holiday hours, etc, just a regular schedule
  • I’d need a designer readonly link to your project to see your setup and CMS

That’s it, you can click my name above and message me.