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Multiple Working Hours per User

Hello! Does anyone have suggestions on the best way to create this with CMS collections?

Example Scenario: A fitness gym wants to post hours for each instructor.

Suzy Smith
M 9-5
T 3-6
W Off

Tom Jones
M Off
T 12-5
W 10-2

Should I create a collection with days in week only and reference that somehow? OR should I create 7 dropdowns + name fields within each Instructor collection?

Thanks in advance for any help!

It may be more maintainable by using a detail page per worker. That way you could could present related information and address worker availability issues. “Tom Jones is on Vacation” . Most clients of a gym want to train with a particular person.

You may want to look at the app referenced below. I have used the product it in the salon industry. They support personal trainers too. This way the resource can manage their own schedule.