What am I doing wrong with exporting?

This is what I want my site to look like https://preview.webflow.com/preview/lights-there?preview=45e882e481c88b8bfa2c2b0ded721d7e

But this is what it comes out to be:


What am I doing wrong?

The code on your server is different then what you have setup in the Webflow designer.

Try re-downloading the code to use a fresh version.

@AlexN Okay, just tried that, but still same outcome. Could it be the import? There was an existing site I’m adding to it.

Hey @redpath4

Can you please upload the zip file you get when you download from the Webflow designer so we can make sure its not Webflow’s exported code that is an issue :smile:


@Ahmadz839 Where do I upload it to? And how?

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Hey @redpath4

  1. Go to www.tinyupload.com
  2. Click on choose file button
  3. Navigate to your Zip file that you downloaded and choose
  4. Click the green upload button
  5. Then a window will open when uploaded click close
  6. Copy the share link and paste here :smile:


try this…

you have mixed cases in your file names… 1_Big.jpg… 2_Big.jpg… etc

Rename them to all lower case…1_big.jpg, 2_big.jpg.

You also have multiple extension images:

rename the files to single extension… ie:

You also have image names that have special characters

./images/cc_Application_automotive (1).jpg

rename them…


Parenthesis (special characters) are not allowed.

Delete the images online and replace them with the renamed files.

Also— try to reduce the size of your images. They are massive.

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The bigger images are for the home page which seems to be working correctly, it’s the landing page I’m struggling with

There’s the upload link

ok. you should still reduce the size of your image.
They will take forever to download.

The slider on the landing page has the file name issues.
I didn’t check the other pages for this issue.

You don’t have to upload the file… I can see the source of the website through the browser.
That’s how I know there’s a naming issue.

So rename the pictures and it should format correctly?


Don’t Click It.

Are you serious…the one I shared?! I’m soooo sorry, I got it from the tinyupload.com site as recommended by @Ahmadz839

Try renaming the images to all lower case first doing anything else.

Replace the current images (online) with the renamed images.

The upper base file names shouldn’t be an issue… the files with the parenthesis are an issue.

Might as well rename them all to make sure.

At least from there… you will have a base-line to work from.

So sorry asked one of my buds for a online file hosting service turns out he just looked it up on google and did not double check before sending me the link :rage: dont trust friends! Revolution i asked him to give me the files because i wanted to see if any manual changes were made before he uploaded to his hosting service :smile:

Again very sorry

no worries. I stopped it from downloading.

op should remove that link from the message though.

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Here’s the zip file via dropbox. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wv5veywloeaw92i/lights-there.webflow.zip?dl=0

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ok. I just looked at your images.

these files shouldn’t be an issue: 2_Big.jpg, 4_Big.jpg etc…

case normally doesn’t matter.

These files will probably be an issue - rename them
and see what happens

cc_Application_automotive (1).jpg

EDIT: that’s strange… the site works just fine on my local server.

That’s what I’m seeing to, works great locally, but once I put it on a host server it goes funky. I uploaded the home page to another site I use, and it works fine, but not the landing page still.

yes. this works fine.

what kind of server is http://www.lightsthere.com/ ?