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Mailchimp embedded subscribe form not working

Hi there,
I followed the webflow instructions to have a Mailchimp form embedded to collect signups, but there is no way to get it work properly. It continues saying ‘Ooops something went wrong…’.
It is the same mailchimp list and the same form i used before with the Redirect URL and GET method(without any problems).
Could someone here have a look and help me out?

Yes… I end up using the method @Sancar_Ayalp described on Oct 22, rename the class name, and it seems to work:

Finally I was able to isolate the issue to this: When I rename the class name of the form block to “mc_embed_signup” -as it is inside the mailchimp embed code- in Chrome Dev Tools, it submits the form.

Still have to match the design of the two forms.

Thanks @Sancar_Ayalp!

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Wonderful to hear my experience has been helpful Jacky! :raised_hands:

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