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Wellington Webflow Meetup - November 9 Photos

Hi everyone,

I hosted my first ever meetup last night in Wellington. I am not going to lie, I was slightly worried that people wouldn’t show up because it started pouring down about 30 minutes before the start of the event, but heaps of people ended up showing up and it was amazing.

I highly recommend starting a meetup in your city/town - you will be surprised how many people in your city you haven’t met yet are as into Webflow as you are.

Here are some photos:


WOAH! :heart_eyes:It’s so awesome to see meetups start to pop up in parts of the world where I’ve never been (and hope to go some day) – I really hope this isn’t the last one, and please let our team know if there’s any way we can help support you in the future @finlayconn! :v:


WOW! This is so awesome @finlayconn :webflow_heart: :heart_eyes: wish I was there!

Looks like you all had a wonderful event! For anyone reading that wants to start their own Meetup or find out more, please connect with @PixelGeek!

Be sure to check out Meetup to see if there’s one near you:

(Pssst, if you can’t find one near you, you should probably start one and let us know how we can help :wink: :bowing_man:).

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CONGRATS!!! :smiley: super proud that you did this. Doesn’t it feel good to empower designers?


Looks like a good time!

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Hey Conor,

Well done on organising the Meet Up.

Hopefully, there will be more in future.
I’m currently in Auckland but returning back to Wellington in the New year.

All the best