/.well-known/ for Apple and Google (JSON)

Hi folks.

Not been so active lately. I’m working on 2 accounts now this one and janne.wassberg@hyph.com

I do have a big problem and its about “apple-app-site-association” and “Verify Android App Links”

As you know we cant add a file to Webflow both Apple and Google requires that files. 301 is not working since redirect is not allowed. I did convince the company im working with to move to Webflow and im in a big problem now. We are using GoDaddy as a DNS provider and can’t change to cloudflare.

Any suggestions ??

After you construct the association file, place it in your site’s .well-known directory. The file’s URL should match the following format:

https://<fully qualified domain>/.well-known/apple-app-site-association

You must host the file using https:// with a valid certificate and with no redirects.


Hi @JanneWassberg - You could spin up a reverse proxy for the task. That would allow you to host the file anywhere you wished. There are caveats since that could remove the redundancy that the platform has. Cloudflare would be a better choice and you would also have much more performant DNS queries over GoDaddy which is slow.

OK thanks for the suggestion. Since we are in full live mode with a huge DNS setup a change of dns is out of the question. Will think about this, This is something that should be provided by Webflow., we are also running one of the most expensives licences

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Personally, I’d bite the bullet and switch the DNS to Cloudflare.
It’s a far smoother migration than you think, and the advantages are enormous.

Another option might be to use a paid reverse proxy service like Subfold, but I don’t have any experience with them. I also suspect they use CF as the platform for their service, which means you might well need to migrate your full DNS anyway.

Other options are to build a DNS somewhere else, provision static IPs, work out your SSL config… if you go that route, @webdev is the most knowledgeable person I’ve met on those configs.

If you’re on Webflow’s enterprise plan, talk to Webflow. They may have options for providing proxying or .well-known file hosting internally.

Hey @JanneWassberg unfortunately I have no other way of reaching out to you. I saw your solved the root domain not working but www working multiple times, however, in my case it still doesnt work? Would you be open for a quick, paid, advisory call to try and fix this?

Best, Kai