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Verify domain with Apple to enable Apple Sign In

So since we’re using Google in out native app we’re also required to offer Apple Sign In to get it in App Store (Apple Review Guidelines)

To use Apple Sign In you need to verify your domain and Apple currently only offer one single way of doing so: by placing a textfile on where is your domain.

In our case our main domain domain is pointing to webflow where our website is hosted. But webflow does not offer a way to place a on path such as /.well-known/.

Initially we got around this by placing the file on a subdomain but apparently we can not send emails to our users from our top-level domain then since it’s the subdomain that has been verified. and

It would be really nice if WebFlow did offer a way to do such kind of validations by making it possible to place a file on a specified path. We can easily agree that Apples way of verifying a domain is very limited but it does not seem as they’re close to offer any other ways of verifying a domain.


Dealing with the same issue over here, did you make any progress on this @MartinJensen?

No not at all. We decided to skip implementing Apple Sign In completely🙄

Looking like we’ll be doing the same. Bummer. Appreciate the reply Martin :pray:

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