Static JSON respones / Apple App Site Association

We’re badly blocked by webflow not letting us add a static JSON response (for apple’s app site association).

is this really not possible to achieve without a reverse proxy? this seems like total overkill for such a small thing, and should be very easy to add as a feature.

That said, it’s not even letting me redirect to the JSON asset that I uploaded as a workaround. was set up to redirect to

but it’s returning 404. Any idea what could cause this?

Interesting, I hadn’t observed before that /.well-known/... redirects don’t function- my guess is it’s either intentional to prevent hacking or security risks ( Webflow uses .well-known files as well ), or that Webflow just processes the /.well-known path specially before redirects are hit.

However it’s very unlikely your redirect would have worked anyway.

A reverse proxy is the only option if you want to host your site on Webflow hosting.

Incidentally, this is one of the most common requests my clients have RP setups, drop me a message if you are looking for help building one. There is also a service called subfold which can offer this with a monthly fee.