Welcome to the Webflow Forum, introduce yourself!

Welcome! :smiley: would love to see your blog. I too have a love and fascination of space. Here is one of my rambles about it:



Hey everyone. I’m Daniel from Norway. I work in advertising (on the strategy side of things). I’ve heard great things about Webflow and the community here so I finally decided to give it a go. I’m a beginner when it comes to web development and I’ve got a lot to learn but I’m looking forward to it. Can’t wait to start building and learning from you guys.


Welcome @dkc - good to have you here and your strategy/advertising experience too!

Working your way through the short videos on university.webflow.com is a great way to start - there is also a full site build tutorial you can follow - let us know if you get stuck with anything :slightly_smiling_face:

Also if you can watch the livestream on a Tuesday 10am (Pacific) that’s a great place to mingle whilst picking up useful tips and demos. Past workshops are on youtube and webflow.com/workshops


Thanks @StuM. I’ve made my way through most of the “Ultimate web design course” videos and have watched a few “rebuilding” videos. I’ve started building a website but am getting stuck here and there. It’s probably something obvious but will ask for help if I can’t figure it out. I’ll definitely try and make it to the livestream. Thanks for letting me know!


We’re finishing up our second project and just signed for a third one, but here’s our first finished project for a paying client: https://www.pecbar.jp


Welcome to the forums Daniel @dkc

There’s no such thing as a stupid question.

What is obvious for some, others are oblivious to.

So ask away! :smiley:


Great idea @PixelGeek !
Tell us more about you too !

About me :

I’m a french freelance designer, full time for almost 4 years and i live in La Rochelle (which looks like that)

I’ve started on graphic design, then slowly moved to web because my clients wanted me to do web projects.
I’m working in a coworking, where i share knowledge and fun with @vincent and 54 other coworkers.

I’m also doing music on my spare time and i have a youtube channel !

Can’t wait to read your story guys :slight_smile:


Thanks @magicmark. I like that quote :+1:


@zbrah I’ve spent all of my childhood summers in l’ile de Ré so I know La Rochelle pretty well :smiley: Might actually go and visit my grandfather there this summer, so we could have a little French Webflow meeting in La Rochelle :sparkles:


@anais yay ile de ré !!! For sure that would be nice :slight_smile: !!
Just keep me in touch :slight_smile:


Hello and thanks for sharing all of your stories :slight_smile:

My name is Scott and I am a designer & founder of webflowdeveloper.com a remote boutique agency bringing experienced webflow designers & developers together to work on exciting web projects with organized clients while utilizing the Webflow platform. This community has been helping me learn, grow, and connect with like minded individuals since June 19th, 2014!

I am currently living in San Francisco, CA and working remotely.

I would really like to see this inspiring community continue to grow as Webflow continues to bring on more amazing functionality! Reach out if you want to chat, I’m always up to meet new like-minded “Webflowers”.

Some stuff I’m interested in:

New Business Ventures
Design & Development
Crypto & Block Chain
Skateboarding & Snowboarding
Performing Music & Piano
Travel & Photography



My Name is Jonathan. I live in Scotland, UK.

I am looking forward to chatting in the Forum!

I am really keen to push my skills with animation / interactions - so any communities / people etc that anyone can recommended to follow would be great :slight_smile:


Hello @FlowMonkey

Welcome to the forums.

There are so many amazing designers, but I have to say @pixelgeek @sabanna @waldo and @vincent have done some great tutorials in the forums, so check out their profiles and sites when you can.

Also the showcase pages are good way to learn as you can clone peoples sites (if they allowed you to) and reverse engineer the interactions etc.

There are weekly live feeds too where Nelson shows a How to video where you can ask questions as he goes along and they’re pretty good. You can find past issues here…




thats really helpful thank you very much


I’d also recommend @Aaron tutorials on the blog: https://webflow.com/author/aaron-grieve - and his showcase sites for inspiration too - https://webflow.com/Azz


Awesome thanks, just taking a look at all these authors / designers and they look great.


Hello all, I’ve been using webflow for a bit, but just recently started using the forums, glad to have joined.


Hi Community!

Thanks for having me here. I am a CSM for a tech startup in Indy called, Torchlite. We help companies fill gaps in their marketing teams with vetted digital freelancers from around the country! Many of our clients use Mailchimp and I cant wait to learn from all of your experiences!

Reach out if I can help answer any questions!



Hi all! I’m evaluating Webflow ATM (having been booted from Adobe Muse), and am super impressed by what I’ve seen so far. (Gah, the videos are so. flipping. awesome! - really kudos, kudos, kudos to whomever creates those. So good.)

I’m eager to get started and am looking forward to having more flexibility than what Muse could provide.

I’ve dabbled in web design since html days so I’ve been interested in it for quite some time. At the moment, I mostly just design personal sites for my own business (I’m a photographer based in Montana), with the occasional build for web design clients (though I don’t have much time for web design these days - wish I had more - I find it super enjoyable! Maybe that’s about to change. :slight_smile: )

Really looking forward to digging in more and getting my new site up and running! (I had it all designed out in Muse and was just about to pull the trigger to go live…c’est la vie.) Onwards and upwards!


Hello wonderful Webflow community!! My name is Fabian Pontén Söderlind and I’m a designer and entrepreneur. Been an avid WordPress user for many years and just found out about Webflow yesterday and I’m completely blown away by the possibilities that have opened up because of this software.

No longer will I only design what I can manage to create in multi-purpose WordPress themes – here at Webflow it seems that the skies the limit, so I’m very excited about that!!

Hope to get to know many of you designers and developers here in the Webflow forums and contribute as much as possible.

Have a great day everybody! :raised_hands:

Best regards,