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Am new to webflow and wanted to say Hi,

Just wanted to say Hi to everyone and thank every one in advance. I will post my work as it comes. Little about me, I am a photog/artist Living in Western Canada. I started doing web pages long ago and gave up after moven into northern bush country. I recently found Webflow and am working on learning interactions. I am currently helping a family member with a simple landing hero page for his contracting company. I am waiting on media from him like his logo work and what not. Till then I am working with my own work to learn how to make his page pop.

That being said I will be working on Parallax movement and other tigger events. As I move forward I am sure I will have questions.

I will also put it out to all you great webflow designers that I am willing to offer Media stock photos as I have over ten years of freelance work in Photography. Free for practice and for sale if used professionally. I don’t have a easy way to do this but will work it out if needed. I am also good at post editing in PS so if anyone needs a good photo to pop let me know and I can help out.

Thanks everyone,
Nathan Kickbush


Welcome to the community @Nathan_Kickbush !!

Enjoy the ride! :smile: :+1:

Hi, @Nathan_Kickbush :blush:

welcome to the community! :slight_smile: its very nice to meet you.

Welcome to the community @Nathan_Kickbush :smile: so glad that you’re here!

I’ve found sharing photos on Unsplash to be quite fun and rewarding for giving back to the community:

They have a “use the photo for whatever” type license though, so I’m not sure if that would meet your needs there but figured I’d at least share. :smile:

Feel free to reach out any time if you have any questions, we’re here to help :bowing_man:

Can’t wait to see what you build!

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Hey @Nathan_Kickbush!

Geeked to have you a part of the community. I once was a co-owner of a photography company. :blush:

Excited to see what you create.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Best regards,
Micah :nerd_face:

Yep no am offing Webflow designers only. I am happy to offer this for people who want to work on designs but have no good Media content to work with and want to see what they can do. Everyone can contact me on Facebook under my name “Nathan Kickbush” I am very careful about copyrights. I and other photogs will notice if my work is being used for professional use. I keep strong EXIF data on each image. That being said I have tons of Vivid Nature, Event and Much more so just get into contact with me personally and we can talk about what will work for ya.


Welcome @Nathan_Kickbush,

You should definitely create a post in the Freelance category!

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Hey @Nathan_Kickbush welcome, it’s super cool to have you here and I can’t see what you create with Webflow!

I love your idea of sharing photo resources with the community here at Webflow - and this actually had me wonder what we could do to help you guys share this kind of skills/resources with the rest of the Webflow world more easily! I’d love to hear more about how that will work out for you and whether you see interest from the community for this. I 100% believe that we are all better together, and it’s wonderful to read that you feel the same :smile:

By the way, in case you didn’t guess from my profile already, I’m the community manager at Webflow :blue_heart: I’m currently based in Berlin, Germany and I spend quite a lot of time in here, chatting and connecting people to each other :two_hearts:

Let me know if you ever want to chat informally or if you have questions about Webflow - I’d be honoured to help and happy to meet :sparkles:

Welcome @Nathan_Kickbush

I hope you’re enjoying what Webflow is offering and the forums?

I might take you up on the PS editing, I’m having a photoshoot done and need a magazine cover/poster style image for my website hero page soon.

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Welcome to the community @Nathan_Kickbush.
Can’t wait to see your projects.
Do not hesitate to post on the forum if you feel lost on something, we ll be happy to help :slight_smile:

Hi Mark ya for sure would be happy to work on that for ya. Shoot me a message Via email:

We can discuss this as I used to work on flyers for EMF scene Back in the 90’s and was a freelance photog for many of the big names in the industry IE Krafty Kuts, Dave Seamen and so on. I am very capable of Maken you a Mag/Cover for ya will post a few simple stuff I did for fun Kickbush Gardens is my actual company I work Landscape on the side when I can’t get art work.

Just happen to have those up on my google drive they are both old but eh One is illustrator one is shop, Have both and can do just about anything with them. I think this is why I get Webflow so much as It is just like Dreamweaver.

These are the pages am working on. This first one am working on for friend and the other is just going to hold my art but I haven’t done much just has a bit of art on it. The RCC page has a shit landing but will work on that once it’s main is done just have the link to the main on the landing.


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