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Weird spacing issues on page(s)

I am new to Webflow and not a designer or a computer person (definitely I do not know codes), so please be patient. I am having several spacing issues. I don’t know if they are all connected or separate issues.

Here is my read only site and I’ll put a screenshot so hopefully you can see all the issues.

This first image shows 3 of the issues:

  1. On the left side you can see the gray from the canvas. I’ve tried to change the break point percent to 100. But it is stuck at 94.1 when at 992 px. You can still see the canvas in preview mode, but not on live site.

  2. You can see that the navbar menu items are skewed to the left. In the preview mode and live site they look normal.

  3. When in the edit mode for the hero, there is a small grayish space between the image and the navbar. I’ve tried adding, subtracting padding from both nav bar and hero, but it has no affect on the gray space.

The above problems seem to be showing up on all pages. The 4th problem is on the page below:

You can see that there is a space between the hero and the next section. This is pushing the section onto the blue section below. I’m not sure where this is coming from. I’ve tried changing padding for all and it has no effect. Also, the blue section is a class that is used on other pages so I’m hesitant to change much about it.

Thanks in advance for your help!

So I actually restored everything to a previous version before these problems existed. So all the problems are gone except the gray bar at the left and the out of line navbar menu. The break point is still stuck at 94.2 on desktop view. Thanks, Becca

Hi Becca! Congrats on building your website. The breakpoint % setting can be reset to 100% by clicking the reset button. More info here:

Since you’re new to Webflow and web design in general, I’d recommend going through the free crash course (2 hours). It’s really high quality and will help a lot with troubleshooting your project. You can take that course here: